Mariah Carey Wants Nicki Minaj “Up Out” Of Idol?


(CelebNMusic247) Mariah Carey Wants Nicki Minaj “Up Out” Of Idol?

The Pop diva Mariah Carey Isn’t thrilled one bit that her former “Get Out My Face Boy” singer Nicki Minaj is joining her on American Idol.

After news broke yesterday that Nicki Minaj, 23, and only two albums into her career is negotiating a move to Idol.

Word is,  Mariah Carey was not thrilled by the news of Nicki Minaj maybe heading to “American Idol,” according to sources.

In fact, Mariah is pissed and hung up on producers when they called to tell her that they were considering Nicki as a judge. Mariah was led to believe that she would be the only woman on the judges panel and feels Nicki will steal her spotlight being that she is 29 currently has a bigger career and Mariah is 42 and using idol in hopes of helping to rebuild the career she once had.

There are still other judges seats to fill. Right now it is unknown if Randy will return as a judge or mentor.

Though the beef with Mariah Carey is said NOT to be a personal issue. It’s simple, Mariah wants to be the ONLY female on the panel and she’s not too interested in competing with a chick who’s younger than her.

Let’s be real, Mariah Carey is deserving of the judging position, she has plenty of years in the business unlike Nicki Minaj.

Having an artist like Nicki Minaj heading to Idol is like a desperate act for ratings and maybe American Idol should hang its hat and move on.

Artist like Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are worthy of a position as such. People like Diddy, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Prince, Cher and more are perfect examples of who should be judging on Idol. Not a newcomer with a lack of experience and years in the business is worthy of judging new talent.

Look at The Voice, not one of the artist have been in the business less than 3 years – They all have a history in music and albums, Grammy’s, hits and experience behind then to back their credibility.

With Mariah, Nicki and either Randy or the rumored Kanye West in the judging seats, that means there will be THREE BLACK judges on Idol.

Oh Lordy what will white America do?


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