Mariah Carey Dating Brett Ratner’s Friend


Mariah Carey Dating Brett Ratner’s Friend!?!

Goodbye Nick Cannon because Mariah Carey Dating Brett Ratner’s Friend and casino billionaire James Packer. Mariah Carey and James Packer caught cozying up in Capri.

Mariah Carey has a new man, for now.

Mariah Carey was spotted on billionaire James Packer’s yacht after the couple confirmed they’re dating after being spotted on a romantic hand-in-hand stroll through picturesque Italian streets on Friday.


[rpi] has these details:

The 45-year-old singer showed off her natural beauty and left her dark hair tousled and wet around her shoulders as she gazed adoringly at the Australian entrepreneur.

Wearing a black and orange jumper and with her eyes covered with dark sunglasses, the American was spotted chatting to 47-year-old Packer, who donned a dark fitted T-shirt and aviators while walking around the streets of Capri

Mariah was introduced to James through her friend and filmmaker Brett Ratner after being spotted with him earlier this year.

We guess a billionaire is handsome no matter what he looks like.

Mariah has been linked to plenty of attractive men, but let us not forget that she has been through alot in her past, so maybe James treats her right.

At least she doesn’t have to help make someone’s fame card attain celebrity A-list.

What do you think?

Dating for the moment or dating for life?