Malaysia Celebrates Her Birthday With Mally Mall And A Boa


Malaysia Celebrates Her Birthday With Mally Mall And A Boa?!?

Since Malaysia Pargo is a single lady, it’s no wonder we spotted Malaysia Celebrates Her Birthday With Mally Mall And A Boa?  Ok we can do without the snake.

The Basketball Wives LA star, Malaysia was spotted out with LHHH 2 star and mega producer Mally Mall Wednesday playing with a HUGE Boa.

The famed hip-hop producer and “Basketball Wives” star had dinner at the House of Macau, where it appears he placed a necklace around … her neck.



Mally Mall and Malaysia were spotted out on Wednesday after celebrating her birthday, but it looks like they’ve hooked up.

After Mally and Malaysia cozy up at the restaurant and then got snapped by on-lookers outside on Hollywood Blvd. where dudes walk around with boa constrictors … so the reality couple accentuated the neckwear of both.

After the posed for the camera the couple slithered away like the boa…

Later, Malaysia had this to say about the sighting:

“I’m happily and absolutely 100% single. I was blessed to have many of my good friends come out last night and celebrate my birthday and cover of Kontrol magazine. I have a great group of friends that support me. First and foremost I’m focused on being a mom, myself and my growing business ventures. “I was So afraid of snakes before it was so great to have had a friend who owns one.”

She said nothing about Mally Mall, it’s still way to early to make a call, so we will just call them “friend” with benefits, hanging out. Why Not Mally’s hot and single.