Madonna on BLAST For Photoshopping Face Onto a Fan’s Body

Madonna on BLAST For Photoshopping Face Onto a Fan’s Body!

Madge loves to look young in her photos as she continues to reinvent herself for fans despite her age. The only problem is, the chameleon just got busted for her latest stunt. Continue on for more about Madonna Photoshopping…

Madonna on BLAST For Photoshopping Face Onto a Fan’s Body just got word that Madonna was put on BLAST after she photoshopped her face on one of her fans bodies.

TikTok user Amelia M. Goldie claimed in a viral video that the songstress, 62, Photoshopped her face onto Goldie’s body while promoting her “Rebel Heart” album via Instagram in 2015.

Goldie, 28, told BuzzFeed that she “thought it was a joke” when she first saw the post and didn’t take it seriously until she saw it was posted from the singer’s official account.

She told the publication:

I tried to reach out via Instagram to her team twice, to no response … I [would] definitely laugh and say I’m flattered, but of course that I wish I was credited!

A rep for Madonna didn’t immediately get back to us.

While Madonna has not spoken out on the matter yet, fans are calling on her to make things right with Goldie as they took to the “Material Girl” singer’s post — which is still up almost six years later — to defend her.

The social media response has been EPIC:

One person wrote:

Horrible photoshop and you’re a horrible thief!!!!

Another chimed in:

That’s probably the photoshop level I had when I was 11 ?

A third fan wrote:

How is this even still up? You stole someone’s photograph” and later added, “Guys seriously start reporting this photo whoever scrolls and finds this!!

Goldie told Buzzfeed:

I’ve been told it’s a great ‘party flex,’ which makes me laugh. I told it at a job interview and they loved it.

No offense to Madonna, we love her, but this just seems like a pose she would have done in her younger years. Not now.