Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Lies Lies & Lies



Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Lies Lies & Lies!!!!

What else happened on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Lies Lies & Lies – Miles tries to tell Amber he’s gay, Soulja Boy stringing Nas and Willie Needs a reality check.

We are going to make this simple – tonight on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episode 5 Amber has no clue that he man is in love with a man. We feel sorry for her because she is like 1000’s of women out there denying the truth “Your Man is Gay!”

Bottom line Miles coming out to Amber? #Lies

Watch as Amber Lets Miles Have It!

Other the flip coin, Milan is pressuring Miles to come out on TV, but we know that Miles friends already knew, but it has to play out on LHHH2. With that said Milan reveals that he followed Miles and learned that he is lying about going to Amber’s.

It’s a mess and Miles needs to move on and find him someone else because Milan is just too much drama. That is the problem with gay men. They always accuse and assume which is a red flag because normally that is what he would do.

After Miles comes home Milan is PISSED so he throws Miles out.

Milan following Miles? #Lies

Willie of Day 26 and his girl Shanda finally make it to LHHH2 but with a big move to LA and living on only six month of saving Shanda can’t handle the stress of bills.

She is having a meltdown and has made the decision to go back to dancing to make sure the bills are paid but Willie is 100% against it.

Past due balances have the new residents’ heads spinning, so Can Willie And Shanda Make It In LA?


Across town Soulja Boy, Omarion, and Fizz, play a round of cards and talk about their relationship statuses.

The guys sound a bunch of fools with their women, sorry to say but Fizz comes off real real real young and immature. Then there is Soulja Boy, who is the playa of playa’s and any woman that fights over him is stuck on stupid!

So what’s Wrong With Soulja Boy, Omarion, and Fizz’s Relationships?


What you didn’t see on tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was Apryl Reprimanding Kamiah For Talking Too Much!

Watch with all the drama surrounding Fizz and Kamiah, Apryl warns her for talking too much:

Here is what else went down that you didn’t see tonight. While Ray J is setting a trap to catch Princess Love, Brandi Confronts Ray J About The Fight In The Studio.

Like Brandi Boyd said earlier about NOT giving a flying F what people think about her – we get another moment of crazy with Brandi. After seeing a bunch of women playing with her man on last weeks episode, Brandi sits down with Ray J for some answers.

We previously told you that Brandi has threatened all women to stay away from her husband Max Luxe and now this?


What do you think?