Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 3 Reunion Brawl Triggered By Drugs


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 3 Reunion Brawl Trigger By Drugs!

If you watched the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion then you saw Stevie J and Joseline attack Zino and Althea, but did you hear that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 3 Reunion Brawl Triggered By Drugs! reported on Stevie J being busted for cocaine and clearing his drug charges, but it seems that one of the stars was allegedly high from smoking crack cocaine at the reunion show.

According to an eyewitnesses via TMZ who alleges that they witnessed Joseline smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage during the show. If you watched the show then you saw Hernandez and Jordan complaining about the heat while Benzion kept popping off saying “it’s that cocaine.” Stevie was quick to act on the remark getting froggy and leaped at his homie while Joseline attacked Althea, punching her in the face.

It was a extreme moment for any of the reunions and now Joseline is getting sued by Thea Thea for the brutal attack.

As for the producers of the show, they are saying the fight was NOT orchestrate and they did NOT expect Stevie J or Joseline Hernandez to get gully and cause a wicked fight.