Los Angeles Rodeo Rd Changed to President Barack Obama Blvd.

Los Angeles Rodeo Rd Changed to President Barack Obama Blvd.

We are loving that Los Angeles renames Rodeo Rd. to Obama Boulevard.

Once again the people are speaking and we all love and miss having a real president. President Barack Obama is forever remembered in Los Angeles. The city of angels has made history. Continue on for more on President Barack Obama Boulevard.

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Los Angeles has named a 3.5-mile stretch of road after former President Barack Obama, changing Rodeo Road to Obama Boulevard.

Obama Gets First Blvd Named After Him in Los Angeles, President Barack Obama Boulevard.

The change, which was approved in August, was made official during a ceremony on Saturday.

Now, for all those people who called Rodeo (Ro-day-o) Rodeo once they crossed under the 10 freeway, can celebrate because there will be no more confusion as Rodeo is now President Barack Obama Blvd.

The 3.5-mile stretch of asphalt south of the 10 freeway is now President Barack Obama Boulevard. The road will end in “the jungle” an area close to the Crenshaw mall and the upcoming Metro rail line that will head down the blvd to LAX.

What the City of Los Angeles had to say at the unveiling:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a tweet following the unveiling of a President Barack Obama Boulevard sign.

Garcetti said:

What a proud day for L.A.! This boulevard that connects our city is now named for one of the greatest presidents that this nation has ever seen.

Garcetti said in another tweet:

President Obama was a tremendous ally to our city and I’m proud to call him a friend. With our new #ObamaBlvd, we acknowledge his contributions to our city and our country.

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