Loaded Lux – Rite Ft. Method Man and Redman

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Loaded Lux Feat. Method Man & Redman – Rite R

Loaded Lux  drops a sic new single featuring Wu Tang‘s Method Man and his partner in Rhyme, Redman.

New Music: Loaded Lux drops his new video for “Rite” featuring Method Man and Redman – and let us be the first to say this video reminds us of some true east coast hip hop with a sprinkle of Jay-Z influence…

Check it:

Recently Loaded Lux spoke to hip hop DX about battle rap versus fatherhood, so here is what Lux had to say when asked the question about working with Wyclef.

Lux explained:

 “[Wyclef] is a connoisseur of Battle Rap. He loves Battle Rap, so I just came through on the invite. He’s just so dope in the studio; he’s the scientist. They got All Handz On Deck…yeah, All Handz On Deck. As far as watching the scientist, they’ve got the April Showers [project] droppin’. So he asked me to jump on something, and then we started working on something because I have the You Gon Get This Work mixtape. He said, “Yeah, I got you.”

On Jay-Z tweets your words

Ah! Like a movie, right? [Laughing] It’s like you hangin’ on edge the whole time through. You can’t plan this thing, man. Me and my man, Mack were just talking about this earlier today. You could get an idea. The vision that you have for something, you can get as close to it as you would want to, but at the same time, like Murphy’s Law, whatever will go wrong can. But at the same time, the fact that you had the vision, that’s you doing your best. That’s in the cultivation when you finally get it as close as you can to your vision. And then you doing your best. I swear, and I believe it in my heart of hearts that the universe will take care of the rest. It showed up the way it was supposed to be. God don’t make no mistakes. I’m a man. You know? I’m just in His image, but ain’t no mistakes made. The way that they seen it was the way it was supposed to be.

Read the full interview HHDX…

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