Little Women LA: The Biggest Little Wedding


Little Women LA: The Biggest Little Wedding

Tonight on Little Women LA wedding bells are ringing and Christy and Todd are ready to do their wedding waltz, Terra is sad, Tonya is still with Trevone and Elena has a secret.

Last week on Little Women LA, Tetra and Tracy had all the girls enjoy the double bachelorette party for Chrissy McGinty and Briana Manson. Tara comes up with a cool scavenger hunt that is hilarious to watch as the ladies have to have strangers do all kinds of things like propose, give a lap dance and buy them a drink. But one random woman offends Tracy by patting her on the head like a dog. Then Christy wants to have a rush wedding in Vegas, so she convinces Todd to marry her in a chapel in Las Vegas. The only problem is she gets cold feet at the last minute because Todd had a long talk with her about the family being there. She changes her mind and tells her fiance Todd that he’s right, which is the lead in to the season premiere tonight.

Tonight is the big wedding and Christy gets to enjoy her perfect moment, but before the big wedding they have to have the family meet. Christy’s mom tells all those inappropriate moments about her daughter and being shocked that Christy was a dwarf. While Todd’s parents share their stories about Todd being adopted and finding out about their son being a dwarf as well, but they said they love him no matter what.

While all the wome are dealing with their personal drama, Christy talks about knowing that she always knew Todd was the one at the reherrsal dinner. The parents come together. Once again Briana asks Elena why is she NOT drinking, but Elena says “don’t ruin surprises. That night Christy and her sister talk about growing up and Christy tells Elena and her husband about her brother will NOT be showing to her wedding. Her sister explains how he always resented her growing up because she needed more attention because she was a dwarf. It SUCKS and he’s wrong.

The next day is the big day and before the wedding the bridezilla comes out for a few minutes. Things work out and Christy and Todd say their vows, hers ends up being a very touching speech that brings tears to everyone’s eyes despite reading off her iPhone.

Also on the season finale of Little Women LA, Tara is waiting for Joe to pop the question, but is NEVER there for her. Tonya is still dating Trevore and taking one day at a time. When asked if they’re in love or on the road to love Trevore says yes while Tonya says she is doing things different this time to get better results. Earlier Terra said, “Once you go bigger you never do small again.” Terra feels left out at the reception because she wants Joe to be by her side. The ladies talk about Terra while she is off on her own, but they all feel sad for her because she is so blue over Joe NEVER being around.  During the whole party Terra is reflecting on her life and how she wants someone there for her and she’s NOT getting that from him.

Tonya consoles Terra because she knows her friend is depressed that Joe is once again a no show, claiming he’s NOT feeling well. She is in love with Joe, but she’s NOT getting what she want.

While everyone is enjoying the Wedding reception Tonya take the liberty to asks Elena’s husband about her being pregnant. When Elena hears Tonya asing the question she goes off on Tonya, but T snaps back saying “girls talk.” throughout the whole episode Elena kept saying don’t ruin the surprise.

Did she find out that she is pregnant and her man doesn’t know yet?

Did Tonya spoil the surprise for Preston?

Two months later:

Christy loves Todd more and more every day and trying to have a baby, hopefully on Traci’s wedding day so she text her on her big day. While Traci Harrison and Eric are getting married in a week and Christy is still not invited to the wedding. Briana is dating someone and so far so good, Elena and Preston are working on having a baby, Tonya is still with Trevore and Terra is still dealing with Joe.


And great news for Little Women LA fans, because the reality series featuring a group of female little people friends living in Los Angeles has been given an early second season renewal on Lifetime.

The renewal order follows one week after “Little Women: LA” reached a series high of 1.4 million total viewers.

Since debuting in May, the show’s audience has grown immensely, including a 66 percent increase among Total Viewers versus premiere; a 95 percent jump in the advertiser-coveted Adults 18-49 demographic and a 79 percent increase in the cable key demo of Adults 25-54.

Produced by Kinetic Content, “Little Women: LA” follows longtime girlfriends Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity, Briana Manson and Traci Harrison.