LisaRaye McCoy Hints Her Ex Jamie Foxx Is Bisexual

LisaRaye McCoy Hints Her Ex Jamie Foxx Is Bisexual

LisaRaye McCoy Hints Her Ex Jamie Foxx Is Bisexual!

For years the joke has been that Jamie Foxx cannot find the right girl and now LisaRaye McCoy has revealed that she once dated a bisexual man in the industry. She goes on to say that he’s still hiding his sexuality during a recent episode on Fox Soul.

Many of the shows fans on social media suspect that the man she’s talking about is actor Jamie Foxx.

If you go back in LisaRaye McCoy dating history includes Gary Payton, Al Sharpton, Kenji Pace (who she shares her daughter Kai Morae Pace), Tony Martin (1992-1994), Terry Norris (1997), Michael Misick (2005-2008), Datari Turner (2009). Somewhere in the mix she also dated Jamie Foxx…

Well during a conversation, reports that LisaRaye spilled the tea during a discussion about Florida politician, Andrew Gillum, who came out as bisexual.

LisaRaye Implies That Jamie Foxx Is Bisexual ( 0:55):

She revealed:

I have. And he’s still a suspect. It ain’t came out, but I been hearing it in the business. People have told me. When we were even together people would look at us sideways. I didn’t know who they was looking at harder, me or him.

Vivica replied:

LisaRaye I’m going to tell you, I was actually surprised to see you with him.

LisaRaye responded:

Y’all don’t know sh*t!

The ladies managed to get her to confirm that the unnamed male was somebody she dated during her Player’s Club days.

An inside source told us that Jamie would love a male friend of ours and that he was Foxx’s type.

It has been a rumored secret in certain circles. Though a beef with radio personality Howard Stern back in 2011, pushed Stern too far and implied that Jamie was known to be gay in Hollywood circles.

Despite the rumors, Jamie Foxx recently confirmed he’s single again. There is one guy that Jamie has been spotted with a lot. They’re said friends, but it makes sense why our friend is Jamie’s type, he way better looking than the guy in the photos.


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