Lil Yachty Sued For Battery And Assault

Lil Yachty Sued For Battery And Assault

Lil Yachty Sued For Battery And Assault!

Miles Parks McCollum, 23, better known as Lil Yachty may be facing some serious legal problems following an incident at Rolling Loud last December. Read on since Lil Yachty sued for Battery and Assault… reports that Yachty is reportedly being sued by a fan who claims he was jumped by the rapper and his crew.

Jimmy Quivac, the fan, claims that he was walking through the crowd at Rolling Loud last December when he accidentally bumped into Lil Yachty and his group. All he was trying to do was watch a tribute to the late Juice WRLD.

According to reports Quivac claims that Yachty punched him after being bumped and that the others in his crew jumped in.

Quivac also says that he allegedly suffered injuries to his arm, wrist, and hand. He is now suing the rapper for battery, assault, and emotional distress.

TMZ originally reported Lil Yachty’s side of what happened. And the alleged incident was caught on video. You can see in the video Yachty’s part of a group that appears to be attacking a man, who eventually is seen getting up and running away. Yachty, at the time, claimed he and his friends were leaving the festival, and the guy in the video, Jimmy, had shoved him for no reason. Yachty said he and his friends confronted the guy and asked what his beef was with them.

He also claims that they were looking to fight.

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