Lil Scrappy Has Dumped Bambi


Scrappy and Bambi SPLIT!?!

Now the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 4 is a wrap and all that is left is the reunion, Lil Scrappy Has Dumped Bambi!

In the beginning of LHHATL 4 Scrappy was trying to win The Bam back and have her move in with him. Over the course of the show, he won her over but the two had a few bumps in the road.

Well, has learned via Scrappy that it’s OVER!


Lil Scrappy (@reallilscrappy) posted the comment on Aug 21, 2015 at 11:36am PDT [then REMOVED it]:

“Yes, I’m S.I.N.G.L.E. = [S]tress [I]s [N]ow [G]one [L]ife is [E]asier.”

“I’m dne u can’t say it was my fault this time #GodisGood.”

The Instagram post has been removed since, but Lil Scrappy’s tweet remains. The tweet came three days after he posted a meaningful but cryptic message on Instagram which read: “When u thinking about life and fam u have to make certain sacrifices that may cost u ur heart or money but never jeopardize ur soul, let God take it and do it what he do. #theywatching.”

Scrappy’s posts came as a total shocker to fans who saw “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” season 4 finale wherein the two reality stars showed their love for each other expressing that they were taking their relationship to the next level.



In addition, Bambi gushed about how their romance was going smoothly in an interview with VH1, saying that her beau’s become more supportive of her career decisions.

The Bam revealed:

“He is definitely more supportive. I’ve been working a lot more since then, but a lot of it has not only to do with him and him being so needy but it’s just me and something I’ve learned about myself in these past few weeks; I kind of thrive on the fact that he needs me so much.”

So what is this? True or False? Could his tweets be a big misunderstanding? Or is Mona telling them they have to stay together to get air time?

This wouldn’t come as a shocker since there are other reality TV stars in the same boat, but we won’t mention their names…