Lil Fizz Done With Moniece and Amanda


Lil Fizz Done With Moniece and Amanda!

Former B2K starLil Fizz is still having problems with his baby mama Moniece and his on and off girlfriend Amanda and now Fizz Done With Moniece and Amanda!

If you’ve been watching Love and Hip Hop Hollywood then you know that Lil Fizz has been dealing with major drama coming from his baby mama Moniece. As well as, some underhanded shadiness from his girlfriend Amanda who seems to have a man on the side.

Moniece feels Amanda is not ready to be with Fizz since he is a single father which lead to Mo assaulting Amanda last week.  In the upcoming Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Fizz attempts to meet with Moniece and handle the drama once and for all.

He makes it clear he’s tired of her and Amanda’s shenanigans. He says:

Fizz makes it clear he is DONE with Amanda’s shadiness, saying:

“Both of y’all mother-ckers is crazy. I don’t know what’s going on with her, I don’t know what’s going on with you. All y’all f-cking mental. Y’all stupid, yo. Unless it’s affecting our child, it has nothing to do with how you feel, period.

“Our son loves that girl regardless if I’m with her or not. He loves her.”

Obviously Moniece doesn’t take kind to Fizz’s comments telling him that Amanda best beware but she will attack again when she sees her again.