Korn drummer Ray Luzier Tests Positive for COVID-19

Korn drummer Ray Luzier Tests Positive for COVID-19

Korn drummer Ray Luzier Tests Positive for COVID-19!

Continue on for more details on Korn drummer Ray Luzier who will be missing the next three shows of the tour. And also find out the treatment that helps get rid of COVID in three days for vaccinated people…


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CelebnMusic247.com reports that KORN is pushing on touring despite the coronavirus, but so far three separate members contracted COVID-19.

Korn will be continuing on as scheduled despite these circumstances.

The group wrote on social media:

Unfortunately, Ray has tested positive for COVID, and he will not be playing the next three shows in Vegas, Fresno, and Oakland.

The band’s site continued to say:

We are anticipating a quick recovery for Ray and he should be back to play the Los Angeles shows with us.

Over the summer, the band’s singer Jonathan Davis tested positive for the virus, which resulted in the group postponing several shows.

Following the news in August, they said:

As a result of his positive test, we also need to reschedule the next handful of shows. As always, our primary goal is to ensure the safety of everyone involved, so this is something that has to be done. Jonathan’s spirits are high, and he’s resting and recovering now.

Then, guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer also contracted the illness, and he was temporarily replaced by J.R. Bareis who plays with Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s Love and Death side project.

Welch had previously revealed Davis was “struggling with COVID after-effects” for some time after his positive test.

He explained:

He’s physically weak and having a mental battle. And any type of love, light, and energy you can throw at him – prayers, all of it. We have shows coming up, so all of you guys, check the dates. Whatever show you’re going to, throw him some love and energy, man – he needs you more than ever.

Treatment for COVID-19:

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If you contract the virus, request this treatment, it’s out there and available to vaccinated individuals. This helps get rid of COVID in three days, but you are still recommended to stay home for 10 days.


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