Kodak Black LIED To Get Guns Now He’s Going To Prison

Kodak Black LIED To Get Guns Now He's Going To Prison

Kodak Black better get used to orange because he is heading back to prison.

Prison is becoming Kodak Black’s home away from home these days since he copped a plea and admitted to making a false statement to get his hands on some guns. Read on because Kodak Black LIED and now he won’t be seeing the light of day for a decade…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that a grand jury indicted Kodak Black, aka Bill K. Kapri, for lying on a federal application to get a firearm.

If you want to screw up your life, then follow Kodak Black because he’s going places. He’s going to prison that is!

Here is what we’ve learned via AHH:

Kodak failed to disclose he had several criminal cases pending, right after he was caught with drugs and guns as he tried to get back in the U.S., after becoming lost and accidentally entering into Canada in April.

The 21-year-old completely folded and admitted to lying in the acquisition of and attempted acquisition of a firearm.

The “Zeze” rapper was collard at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami for trying to buy the guns at Florida store Lou’s Police Distributors.

Kodak’s lawyer originally claimed a notorious cop named Detective George Eugene profiled the rap star as he put down a deposit for the guns.

Kodak is looking at 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 and three years of supervised probation.

Career O.V.E.R!

Wow. SMH

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