KimYe Is OVER; Divorce on the Horizon

KimYe Is OVER The End Is Here...

KimYe Is OVER; Divorce on the Horizon!

Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West have come to the end of the road. Read on for details on KimYe divorce reports that an insider close to the troubled couple, Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West may begin divorce proceedings very soon.

We previously reported that KimYe were on the verge of separation.

Here is what we’ve learned about Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West:

According to an insider close to the troubled couple, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West new developments in a story originally published on Monday night, has us on high alert.

The insider says the couple has “completely stopped” going to marriage counseling.

So to reiterate, if the source is correct here, and Kim has “completely stopped” attending counseling sessions, too?

Which makes it clear that Kim is DONE and divorce seems to be eminent.

The insider makes it seem pretty cut-and-dry as to what happens next:

[Kanye] is talking to divorce lawyers this week.

Not much more needs to be said after that. We knew Kim had spoken to representation, but now Ye, too? And he isn’t exactly known for the patience she has shown; now that he’s talking to lawyers, he may just file and tweet about it.

Its sad that KimYe have come to this juncture, but she has put up with a lot of crazy over the years. Kanye has been a lose cannon, he’s a musical genius, but his genius is saturated with mental illness he is NOT willing to acknowledge and that is what makes it such a difficult relationship.

Why KimYe Have Grown Apart:

Kimye settled into married life after first tying the knot in 2014, a rift began to grow. At the center of the issue appears to be Kanye’s “chaotic” behavior, which has only gotten more unpredictable in the last year.

Let’s not forget Ye’s ill-fated (and half-hearted, TBH) presidential campaign in 2020. Then, Yeezy didn’t exactly help himself by making several disturbing comments about his and Kim’s oldest daughter, North West, while out on the campaign trail last summer. A particularly nasty fight over the holidays late last month all but sealed the deal for the couple’s likely fate, as well.

Not to mention, Kim’s re-commitment to her legal education and a more mature life beyond reality TV — and it’s become increasingly clear in the last year that these two don’t really match up that well any more.

It seems that these two have grown apart over the years. And with Kim leaning toward being an attorney, she has no time to be his trophy wife.