Kim and Kanye Spotted at World Series


Kim and Kanye Spotted at World Series!!!

Don’t Hate Kim and Kanye Spotted at World Series hanging with Barry Bonds up in the Yeah Area at AT&T stadium to watch the game.

Isn’t it great that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are at the World Series in San Francisco tonight while us peons are watching it from home. #GoodForThem

See, Kimye and the Giants go way back, well at least to October 2013 when he Ye proposed to Kimmy Kakes at AT&T stadium in SF on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. #Awww

See Kanye wanted to use the stadium but those darn Giants ruined his plans with the World Series games! #DoTheyKnowWhoYeIs

Instead Kanye took Kim to the game to watch night 5 in San Francisco since its tied 2 to 2. notes:

Kanye reportedly wanted to use the stadium again for a private concert where lots of seafood would be served and the couple would take off later in a helicopter ride over the bay.

“Kanye really wanted to do it big!” a source tells the website. “He had secretly planned on flying Kim and her entire family up to San Francisco’s AT&T Park, so he could showcase his profound love for her and their daughter, North West.

“Kanye wanted to have a stage there, invite just family and a few of Kim’s closest friends, and perform a mini concert just for her.”

He had more plans for the Jumbotron, too, where he wanted to play a video of moments from their life over the past year as his son, “Bound 2,” played.

The website reports that Kanye called Giants’ CEO, Larry Baer, and others in the front office to see if field prep for the Series could be put off to accommodate his plans for Kim.

The source revealed:

“They obviously told him no, but that didn’t stop him from trying.”

Instead, Kanye took Kim to Maui last week to celebrate her 34th birthday.

Yeah the game is much better than Kim and Kanye birthday bash at AT&T stadium. Tonight the celebrity couple was spotted at the game.