Kid Cudi “Not Flattered” With TikTok ‘Day N Nite’ Trend

Kid Cudi "Not Flattered" With TikTok ‘Day N Nite’ Trend

Kid Cudi Not Flattered With TikTok ‘Day N Nite’ Trend!

When it comes to the TikTok ‘Day N Nite’ Trend Kid Cudi clarifies that his stance on “Day ‘N’ Nite” becoming a TikTok trend is NOT a compliment. Continue on why Kid Cudi “Not Flattered” with Day N Nite Trend… reports that Kid Cudi released a message speaking on how he is “not ‘pissed’ or ‘angry’” he doesn’t “have a problem.”

Kid Cudi wrote:

I am not ‘pissed’ or ‘angry’ as some articles are saying. I don’t have a problem with TikTok at all and what kids do on there.

In the age of TikTok, musicians don’t always have full control over how their music is exposed to millions.

Kid Cudi Expressed His Feelings on Tik Tok “Day ‘N’ Nite” Trend:

Though Kid Cudi’s song “Day ‘N’ Nite” has gotten a new life on TikTok recently, and in a series of tweets he made it clear he wasn’t exactly a fan of the trend.

He tweeted on Friday:

I don’t fuck w what they did to my song on Tik Tok takin out the lyrics. We live in a strange time. Im not flattered.

When someone followed up by calling the trend “wack,” Kid added, “Very.”

“Day ‘N’ Nite” has become a new trend on the platform, in which someone mouths the line “Now look at this” from the song only to cut out the following line.

Take a look at what’s been posted:

All we can say is wow, are we all so board that society has resorted to wack challenges? SMH We totally get what Kid Cudi is saying.