Kevin Hart Fans SUPPORT His Stepping Down from Oscar’s

Kevin Hart Fans SUPPORT His Stepping Down from Oscar's

The biggest headline on Friday is Kevin Hart has stepped down from hosting the Academy Awards because he refused to apologize.

Let’s get the FACTS right America, Kevin Hart did indeed apologize back in 2015. Maybe you didn’t read the interview in Rolling Stone, but it helps to do your research before you dig up someones past. Read on to see what people are saying about Kevin Hart Oscar backlash

Kevin Hart Fans SUPPORT His Stepping Down from Oscar' reports that famed comedian Kevin Hart has taken to social media to let everyone know that he is NOT feeding Internet TROLLS!

In two Instavideos, Kevin Hart explains why he has decided to step down from the Academy Awards and NOT host the Oscars.

Since the news broke that Kevin Hart has stepped down from hosting the Oscar’s, but Twitter has been sounding off since.

What people don’t seem to get is that FORCING him to apologize for someting he did 8 years ago is bullying.

Why? Because he alread apologized in 2015 in a Rolling Stone Mag interview.

Kevin has been receiving an overwehlming amount of support from his fans.

Take a look at what everyone is saying, and NO ONE is hating on the LGBT community:

Bro if u apologize for one thing as a comedian u be apologizing for forever.

Another fan said:

Good for you Kevin, now you know how conservatives feel when liberals take everything out of context. You apologized but apparently, that wasn’t good enough and now you’re feeling the wrath of the left. Good luck!

Kevin’s fans love him for standing his ground.

Another fan said:

People bringing up tweets from 8 years ago!!!!! Don’t let them bully you!! I was so looking forward to you hosting this year!!! Now don’t think I’ll watch it.

The support from fans continued with fans standing up for what Kevin believes.

This tweet makes perfect sense since Internet Troll seem to thrive off of hating. The fan below points out, Kevin deserve to be host, but understands why he stepped down.

I think it’s wild that you stepped down … your an amazing comedian and you deserve to be the host. I was actually gonna watch the Oscars just to hear your jokes

You let the Orwellian’s win. You’re funny and make people laugh. You’re doing a ‘show’ and ‘joking’, not presenting a resume. Carving out a topic or group of people doesn’t show courage or lack of phobia. What happens to us when we can’t laugh at ourselves?

This is some BS u having to apologize just because u don’t agree with a Gay lifestyle doesn’t mean ur homophobic I don’t agree with that shit but I don’t hold it against people I’m sick of all this PC shit honestly There’s a lot of people who don’t agree with a Gay lifestyle !

This is a damn shame. Finally, the Oscar’s would have actually been funny! Stop apologizing for the same shit. You’ve done so enough, if they can’t accept the previous ones, that’s one them.

Kevin Hart, You Should Host The Oscars, I Don’t Think You Would Be A Distraction, Who Cares Of What Other People Think Anyways, There Is Nobody More Deserving Than You, I’m So Happy For You, On All Of Your Accomplishments, And I Hope To See You Host The Oscars Next Year!

One fan made a valid point, so what Kevin Hart did by stepping down was the best move ever!

Oh no. This apology won’t save you from the social media mob. They won’t forgive you. They’ll just take this as an admission of guilt and use it against you, again.

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