Kevin Gates Banned From All Louisiana Prisons

Kevin Gates Banned From All Louisiana Prisons

Kevin Gates has been banned from every prison in Louisiana following his visit to see C-Murder!

Since Kevin Gates visit to see C-Murder an investigation was launched into his visit to Elayn Correctional Center. Read on to see why Kevin Gates Banned from every prison in Louisiana…

Kevin Gates Banned From All Louisiana Prisons reports that Kevin Gates apparently angered the Elayn Correctional Center where he visited and took pictures with C-Murder, Lee Lucas, Mac, Big Marlo, Cornbread and others.

The problem is that Kevin Gates shared the photos of himself in prison flashing wads of cash along with C-Murder and the others.

A spokesperson for the Louisiana correctional department said it was against the policy to bring in an amount of cash over $300 after the photos surfaced.

In addition to Gates breaking the rules, the two correctional officers who facilitated Gates’ visits were found in violation of multiple policies and standards of the prison.

Reorts also reveal that upon further investigation, Deputy Warden Perry Stagg and Major Jason Linzy oversaw the visit. Linzy was essentially given a slap on the wrist while Stagg was reassigned to a different post.

Here is what investigators are looking at when it comes to Kevin Gates.

HNHH reports:

Gates was reportedly allowed to drive his car into the front gates without having to be searched. He also managed to dodge the visiting office and didn’t sign the visitor’s log either. Investigators also found that Gates had no family in the prison despite saying he was visiting his father. On top of all of that, the rapper didn’t reveal his criminal history to the officials before his visit.

The investigator suggested a criminal complaint against Gates should be filed for the introduction of contraband into a penal institution but there wasn’t any evidence because the money in the photo was never seized.


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