Kenya Moore Gets Booed


Kenya Moore Gets Booed

We’ve all had embarrassing moments in life, but what happened to Kenya Moore at the Boyz to Men and En Vogue concert trumps all.

See, Kenya Moore thinks she not only a queen on Real Housewives of Atlanta she also feels fans love her. Well she got her news at the Boyz to Men and En Vogue concert.  RHOA stars Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore were at the concert and when Cynthia hit the stage she was welcomes with applause and cheers from fans.

It wasn’t the same for Kenya Moore, as she stepped on the stage the cheer instantly turned to booing and it got louder and louder.

How embarrassing, “They don’t like you huni!”

Here is the breakdown via UBM:

“Cynthia Bailey hit the stage first and the crowd gave her moderate cheers but when reality diva Kenya Moore came out the boo’s got extremely loud!

The crowd starting booing her and wouldn’t stop! It just got louder and louder! It was very obvious that the crowd was not feeling her! Kenya was basically standing there and laughed it off, she was so embarrassed and held her head down. She was a good sport about it though and didn’t say much on stage.”