Kendall Jenner Nearly Trampled


Kendall Jenner Nearly Trampled?!?

Kim Kardashian’s little sister drew crowds in Paris while leaving the Balmain Fashion Show and fans got so crazed that Kendall Jenner Nearly Trampled.

You might say that the crowds in Paris that rivaled Charles Lindbergh…ok maybe NOT that bad, but Kendall Jenner Nearly Trampled was way too much for the youngest Kardashian.


Kendall had just walked the runway and when she left it was next to impossible to traverse the hundreds of crazed fans outside the Balmain Fashion Show.

Kendall was with a bodyguard who was way too small for the task.

Kim, Kanye and mama Kris were safely inside, having just watched Kendall do her thing. BTW, Kim and Kanye were also swarmed when they came in, but it was NOTHING like the crowd for Kendall, who beginning to surpass Kim Kardashian’s fame for no talent.