Kendall Jenner Beefing with Taylor Swift?

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(CelebNMusic247 NewsKendall Jenner Beefing with Taylor Swift?

Kendall Jenner is apparently beefing with Taylor Swift after she was spotted on a date with Harry Styles.

Kendall and Harry Styles have been spotted out recently and streets is talking that Taylor is apparently jealous.

Word is, Taylor is furious that Harry is dating Kendall, and is questioning why is Harry with Kendall?

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s “romance creates an uproar,” with Swifty?

Here’s the drop:

Both Styles and Jenner have downplayed.  The two young stars went to dinner together last week, and the tabloid says their night sparked a “firestorm” with One Direction fans… and Taylor Swift.

The publicity stunt to get Kendall Jenner on the map, “allegedly dating” Harry Styles has worked because many outlets have been talking about the couple.

Star claims Taylor Swift is “perhaps the person most upset about the new pairing.”  

The magazine goes on to cite Swift’s house hunting in London as evidence that she “might reunite” with Styles.  The outlet then claims that Swift and Styles still flirt via text message.

Of course, faking drama for Swift is nothing new for Star. 

And thanks to sources CelebNMusic247 has learned that the feud is FALSE!