Kelis BEEFING with Beyoncé for Jackin’ Her Track

Kelis BEEFING with Beyoncé for Jackin’ Her Track!

Now we all know that Bey is notorious for jack trackin’ but as she puts it – she found inspiration. No matter what Beyonce is claiming, R&B singer Kelis is NOT playing when it comes to her music being sampled without permission. Somebody better be cutting her a check soon…ya feel me…


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A post shared by Beyonce? (@beyonce) reports that despite the early leaks of her “Renaissance” album release, Bey is now facing accusations of theft from Kelis.

According to Kelis, Bey had no part in clearing a sample for Bey’s record.

Kelis – Get Along With You from Bizarre Wonder! on Vimeo.

Here is the tea spill:

The track “Energy” samples Kelis’ “Get Along With You,” which The Neptunes produced for her 1999 debut album — so, the song’s understandably close to her heart.

A Kelis fan page was celebrating the Beyoncé pairing on IG, but then Kelis — using her celebrity chef account @bountyandfull — hopped in the comments fuming mad!

Kelis calls “Energy” downright robbery … insinuating everyone involved with creating and clearing the track was engaged in shady practices. Yikes!

The eclectic singer also claims she wasn’t notified prior to the album announcement, having to learn about her inclusion as if she were a normie.

Reports of Beyoncé’s seventh album leaking yesterday spread like wildfire, but an unbothered Bey didn’t address the bootlegging (or Kelis for that matter) on Thursday.

Instead, she offered a rare glimpse into her family life, and also revealed there would be 2 more albums to follow this one.

As for Kelis, she hasn’t said anything about legal action, but who knows how far she’ll take this. We’re sure the Beyhive will be waiting and watching closely.