Kehlani Finally Comes Out As Lesbian

Kehlani Finally Comes Out As Lesbian

Kehlani Finally Comes Out As Lesbian!

Wow, this took some time for R&B singer Kehlani. We get it though, she was the only one who didn’t read her own memo, when the gay mail came to let her know the tea.

This makes sense that Kehlani has come out as a lesbian. She has been beefing with ‘Superfly’ Actor Kaalan Walker, who was released from prison due to COVID-19. Read on since Kehlani reveals she is a Lesbian…


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A post shared by CelebNMusic247 (@celebnmusic247) reports that Kehlani shared her truth Thursday, saying on video … “I am gay ga-gay gay gay!!!”

Kehlani took to social media to let the world in on her secret, the only problem is everyone already knew her tea before she did.

Kehlani says she’s been trying to have heart-to-heart conversations with her family and friends about coming out.

She says her loved ones are hardly shocked and keep telling her they’ve known for some time because, as she put it … “the f****** closet was glass.”

She previously hinted at being gay during a recent Instagram Live when casually said she finally knew she was lesbian. Apparently, some fans thought she might have been joking, but now Kehlani’s saying clearly, loudly, and proudly.

Kehlani is a mom of a 2-year-old daughter, Adeya Nomi, with guitarist Javie Young-White. Her other famous exes are YG and NBA star Kyrie Irving.

The bottom line for Kehlani … “everyone knew but me.”

She might have came out because Kaalan Walker had been threatening to tell her secret. Guess what, it doesn’t matter we still love her the same y’all.