Katy Perry NOWAY On Kanye Presidential Bid; He’s Helping Trump Win

Katy Perry NOWAY On Kanye Presidential Bid; He's Helping Trump Win

Katy Perry NOWAY On Kanye Presidential Bid; He’s Helping Trump Win!

Perry may be a HUGE fan of Kanye West and his “artistry,” she doesn’t believe he has the necessary experience to become America’s next president. Read on to see why Katy Perry is a definite NO on Kanye Presidential Bid...


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Ye for Prez. ?? #kanyewest

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CelebNMusic247.com reports that you should listen to someone who has dealt with Kanye West. Which leads us to Katy Perry she makes it clear that Kanye is “an incredible disruptor as an artist” NOT as a president.

Katy Perry told Hits Radio:

I love Kanye, he is amazing. I just, you know, I love him as an artist.

She adds:

And I think he’s an incredible disruptor as an artist and a conversation-maker as an artist. And that’s what I love the most about him.

Perry points out that we need someone with experience, NOT another Trump in office and that is what Kanye would be.

She says:

What we’ve learned looking back is that the presidential job is best suited for someone with experience and that is a pro in their field.

Katy goes on to point out that having someone like Trump in office has RUINED our country in many ways.

Especially with the rise in racism, police brutality and social injustice. Not to mention foreign affairs, and the way Trump runs The White House like a reality TV show.

She states:

I think we have seen and learned from experience that when we don’t have pros in position, that it can get a little wild.

Meanwhile, Kanye, 43, recently announced his plan to run for president of the US at the upcoming November election and said he will be running as a member of the newly founded Birthday Party.

That alone is a RED FLAG NOT to vote for him. He is making up a party called the Birthday Party? #OMG #SMH We hope millennials are NOT this stupid!

Ye is still friends with Trump, Kanye is helping to keep Trump in office by splitting up Biden’s lead with some BS run for PresidentBiden has been killing Trump in the polls because American’s got smart.

Kanye’s running mate is a preacher from Wyoming named Michelle Tidball, and the pair’s campaign slogan is simply: ”YES!”

Oh America, please don’t fall for this shenanigans. Just because he is black does not qualify him as a president.

Kanye is already showing you a glimpse of what life would be with him as President – A dictatorship with all of us worshiping him? This is what crazy does. Don’t fall for the hype, he will RUIN the US.


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Anything is possible ?? #kanyewest Artwork by: @beeple_crap

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