Kanye West TOP Producer QUITS Abruptly

Kanye West's TOP Producer QUITS Abruptly

Kanye West’s TOP Producer Quits Abruptly!

Three weeks ago Kanye West announced that his new album Donda was just days away from release following his album listening party at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

But then thinks turned left and Kanye West and his top producer Mike Dean fell out.  Dean QUIT saying that working with Kanye on Donda is TOXIC!

Everything sounded like it was going great for Kanye West and his team, but it appears it was all smoke and mirrors. Find out why Kanye West producer QUITS…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that producer Mike Dean quit work on the Donda album, since Kanye’s been spiraling out of control and so has the project.

Some sources are it may NEVER come out, but Donda is scheduled for an August 22, 2021 release date.

It was also confirmed that Kanye moved into the stadium and vowed not to leave until the album was finished. He also said he’s going to be producing the project all on his own, going forward.

How did we get this intel?

Well, that has been confirmed by Kanye’s longtime collaborator and Donda producer, prolific Hip Hop producer Mike Dean, who has quit the project.

Last night Mike tweeted and deleted:

F- This!

Then he deleted everything Donda related from his Instagram account. He then liked a post from a follower who called Kanye’s process ‘toxic’

And later Tweeted:

It’s good to be at the house.

This doesn’t come as a shock to any of us since Ye flipped out during his court deposition.

Check it:


What do you think of Kanye West TOP Producer Abruptly quitting?