Kanye West: Georgia Investigators Seek Testimony From Ye’s ex Publicist

Kanye West: Georgia Investigators Seek Testimony From Rapper’s Former Publicist

Kanye West: Georgia Investigators Seek Testimony From Ye’s ex Publicist!

This is what you get when you lie for Donald Trump and his claims of voter fraud. Yes, Kanye West publicist is now in the hot seat…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Kanye West’s former publicist, Trevian Kutti, allegedly forced Ruby Freeman, a Georgia election worker, to agree with Donald Trump’s voter fraud statements, according to reports.

If Ruby Freeman didn’t confess, Trevian Kutti reportedly threatened she’d face severe punishment. Trevian Kutti allegedly told Ruby Freeman that she was a, “crisis manager and was sent from a high-profile individual.”

Freeman called the police to report the threats. When police arrived at the scene they suggested Freeman and Kutti resolve their problem at the police station. At the station, investigators saw the police body cam footage of Kutti verbally threatening Freeman.

Reports state that Kutti could speak to a special grand jury as early as this week. The Georgia secretary of the state’s office has been subpoenaed to testify in court. Also expected to testify, is former investigator Frances Watson (who was told by Donald Trump in December of 2020 that she would be “praised” for finding fraud), and the chief operating officer, Gabe Sterling, who agreed with Donald Trump to denounce the harassment of election officials.

Freeman was already facing threats outside of Kutti in 2021. Among the other election workers in Trump’s campaign, she was targeted by claiming she was counting fake mail-in ballots. Local and federal officials refuted the claim.

The police report stated:

Ms. Kutti stated that Ms. Freeman was in danger and had 48 hours to speak with her so that she could get ahead of the issue.

At the precinct, Kutti repeated those claims to Freeman:

I cannot say what specifically will take place, I just know that it will disrupt your freedom.

Kutti added:

You are a loose end for a party that needs to tidy up.

F. McDonald Wakeford, Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney, explored Kutti’s witness testimony in a court filing this month.

F. McDonald Wakeford stated in the legal documents:

The identity of these third parties, as well as the nature and extent of their relationships to the witness Kutti or other persons publicizing disproven allegations of election fraud, are known only by the witness Kutti.

Kutti has been pressured by Georgia investigators to explain the events that took place leading up to her interaction with Freeman and the verbal exchange the two had at Freeman’s home before going to the police precinct.

On Tuesday (June 14) Kutti shared an article pertaining to her situation with Freeman.

She captioned it:

#really #really#desperate