Kanye West Goes Public To Officially Dump Kid Cudi

Kanye West Officially Dumps Kid Cudi

Kanye West Goes Public To Officially Dump Kid Cudi !

Once again, Kanye West is done with Kid Cudi after all the disrespect The Man on The Moon has endured from Ye. Despite making great music together, Ye has sounded off by publicly dumping Kid. Read on to see how Kanye West went out of his way to Dump Kid Cudi publicly…

CelebnMusic247.com feels that Kanye West is being childish and petty about Kid Cudi because he is friends with Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson.


But the “Kids Show Ghosts” bros fell out over Pete Davidson. Cudi is tight with the funnyman, but Ye hates Skete for banging his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Ye declared earlier this year:

Just so everyone knows Cudi will not be on Donda [2] because he’s friends with you know who we all speak in Billie language now,” 

Cudi who was officially done with Ye, fired back:

Too bad I don’t wanna be on ur album u fuckin dinosaur hahaha…

Kid Cudi commented:

Everyone knows I’ve been the best thing about ur albums since I met you. Ima pray for u brother. We talked weeks ago about this. You’re whack for flipping the script and posting this lie just for a look on the internet. You ain’t no friend. BYE.

Now they are saying that Kanye got back on Instagram this week just so he could officially break up with Cudi.


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Sometimes in life its best to cut relationships when they become toxic. When it comes to Kanye West, he needs to be on his meds and when he’s not he is a beast. Kid Cudi is better off without Ye. He is the one who made their latest collab fire.

The person losing out is Kanye West, but he can see past his bipolar actions and that is what is sad.