Kanye West BOOED in London


Kanye West BOOED in London!

While on stage in London, Kanye West went on another one of his RANTS for concert goers but this time concert goers BOOED him.

Kanye is beginning to get old with this nonsense when people just want to see him perform his music. CelebNMusic247.com feels that is seems like West has some unresolved issues with the fashion industry.

The rapper drew the fury of the British crowd after he took a break from his set to rant onstage for 20 minutes about discrimination in the fashion industry.

Angry fans took to Twitter asking for a refund, reports the Mirror.

West told his audience: ” I’m not going to mention any names but… Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Don’t discriminate against me cos I’m a black man making music.”

But the audience were left unimpressed, one claiming there was “serious booing” as his rant continued.

Let’s be real, Kanye is a talented designer, but his attitude and nasty behavior is what keeps all the designers in the fashion industry far far away from West.

An inside source in the fashion industry told us:

“If Kanye wasn’t so difficult to work with and if her was NOT so rude there are many high fashion designers who would attach themselves to him.”

The source adds:

“The problem with Kanye is that he will NOT listen or work with anyone because his ‘never wrong’ ways are blocking all of his opportunities in the fashion industry. He is in his own way and does understand he needs to shut up and step out of his own way.”