Kanye West Allegedly Hits Teenager For Racist Slur

Kanye West Allegedly Hits Teenager For Racist Slur-0114-2

(CelebNMusic247-NewsKanye West Allegedly Hits Teenager For Racist Slur!

We know Kanye West said he was NOT going to do any RANT, but they keep trying him and pulling him back in man!

Yesterday, Kanye West lost his cool for 2014 attitude after a teenager reportedly made a racist slur towards Kanye and Kim using the N-Word!

See, rumors are in overdrive saying Kim may be pregnant with baby number two, since KimYe were spotted walking out of a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills when they were swarmed by photogs in the area.

That’s supposedly when an 18-year-old man came in to help them out and reportedly held the door for Kim. Unfortunately, that’s apparently also when the teen made a crude remark about the paparazzi to Kim:

“F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs.”

We hear Kim corrected the young man and told him not to use that language, and that apparently set off a verbal storm as the teen said:

“F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.”

The man then supposedly went into the chiropractor’s office while Kim waited outside for Kanye. And you know when Yeezy’s involved….

Well, we hear the two later rushed into Richard Hill‘s waiting room where Kanye PUNCHED the teenager! Meanwhile, Kim reportedly said, “We have it all on tape.”

We actually agree with Kim and Kanye on this. The teen was out of line a deserved an @ss whooping!

Although, this is not looking good for Yeezy, it is all on tape and the teen was completely out of line. If he thinks he is going to sue we hope the judge see’s the racism and is on Kim and Kanye’s side. The boy is out of line!

As far as Kim’s pregnancy news there is NO confirmation and is still in RUMOR status. If it is true then we have the drop first, along with X-17 who broke the news of the baby news.