Julian Lennon Returns with Everything Changes

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Julian Lennon releases his first album Everything Changes(Music From Another Room) in 15 years!

On June 4th Julian Lennon returns with his first album in 15 years, the stunning Everything Changes (Music From Another Room), a masterwork of powerfully vulnerable and sophisticatedly accessible adult pop.

Everything Changes is a stunning achievement. Lyrically, it covers romance, introspection, and humanitarian concerns with artistic concision, mixing clever wordplay with emotional directness.

Julian recently spoke with Rock Cellar Magazine about album inspiration, his philanthropic work and life beyond the Lennon legacy.

Everything Changes Album Cover 2013

Julian’s melding of uplifting introspection and thoughtful social commentary with refined hooks has made for a compelling six-album body of work. His debut, Valotte (Atlantic), yielded two top ten hits-the title track and “Too Late for Goodbyes“-and was nominated for a Grammy for “Best New Artist.” He went on to have #1 singles on the U.S. album rock charts. Internationally, one of his most popular songs “Saltwater” charted successfully around the world, topping in Australia for four weeks and reached #6 in the UK. In advance of its June 4th U.S. release, his latest, Everything Changes(Music From Another Room), is already receiving national airplay and press plaudits nationally and internationally. The Sunday Press calls it a “revelation” and Herald Standard gushes Julian has “returned stronger and better than ever.”

Everything Changes is a stunning achievement. It’s stately and intimate, and thoughtfully paced. Lyrically, it covers romance, introspection, and humanitarian concerns with artistic concision, mixing clever wordplay with emotional directness. The poignancy and poise of Everything Changes opens the album and sets a universally spiritual tone. The beautifully crafted lead off single “Someday” features mystical Eastern melodic motifs and boasts guest vocalist Steven Tyler. It engagingly combines Julian’s lifework as a philanthropist and gifted songwriter. Here, Julian sings pristinely with earnestness the timeless message: “We’re all in it together / One love, now and forever.” Other album standouts are the mesmerizing piano pop ballad “Lookin’ 4 Luv” and the euphoric rocker “Just For You.”

Besides Steven Tyler, also guesting on the album is musician/producer Peter Vettese (Jethro Tull, Annie Lennox, Pet Shop Boys), singer-songwriter Paul Buchanan (Blue Nile), legendary songwriter Mark Spiro (Heart, Laura Branigan, Lita Ford), singer/producer/composer Tim Ellis, as well as longtime friends Gregory Darling, Justin Clayton, and Guy Pratt. Julian with Grant Ransom jointly produced the album.

A renaissance man with various passions, Julian’s photography career has seen his exhibitions presented internationally with many outstanding reviews, not only for his premiere exhibitionTimeless with the Morrison Hotel Gallery in 2010 (NYC) and recently in 2013 (Los Angeles), but also for his multiple showings during Art Basel Miami. He has worked extensively with U2, his brother Sean, and photographed his friend Charlene Wittstock, exclusively for Vogue, prior to her civil wedding to Prince Albert II of Monaco. His philanthropic pursuits have been equally significant to him, with extensive charitable work through his White Feather Foundation. But the love of, and need to express himself through, music has always been a constant.

Everything Changes has all the hallmarks of Julian Lennon’s acclaimed classic lifestyle music, yet glows with tender wisdom gleaned from his many life explorations.


1. Everything Changes (Lennon/Vettese)

2. Someday (Lennon/Tyler/Spiro/Frederiksen)

3. Lookin’ 4 Luv (Lennon/Vettese)

4. Hold On (Lennon/Darling)

5. Touch the Sky (Lennon/Vettese)

6. Invisible (Lennon/Buchanan)

7. Just for You (Lennon/Spiro)

8. Always (Lennon/Clayton)

9. Disconnected (Lennon/Vettese/Spiro)

10. Never Let You Go (Lennon/Chambers)

11. Guess It Was Me (Lennon/Vettese/Ellis/Ransom)

12. In Between (Lennon/Spiro)

13. Don’t Wake Me Up(Lennon/Darling)

14. Beautiful (Lennon/Darling)

“Lookin’ 4 Luv” is a standout track from Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Julian Lennon’s new album Everything Changes.

The pop ballad is an ode to searching for love in all the wrong places. Similar to lead single “Someday” featuring Steven Tyler, Julian takes the listener on a journey perfectly emoted by his understated vocal and soaring piano-driven production.

Watch the new video from Julian Lennon – “Lookin’ 4 Luv”:

Photo by Deborah Anderson