Judge Rules Dr. Dre Lawyers Be Replaced In Divorce Case

Judge Rules Dr. Dre Lawyers Be Replaced In Divorce Case

Judge Rules Dr. Dre Lawyers Be Replaced In Divorce Case!

Dr. Dre has to get a new lawyer in his divorce case against his estranged wife Nicole Young. Read on since Dr. Dre Lawyers are being replaced…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that a judge has ruled that power divorce attorney Laura Wasser — and Dre’s lawyer Howard King — cannot represent him in his blockbuster split.

Wow, that is interesting!

Wasser is known as one of LA’s biggest divorce attorneys, repping clients including Kim Kardashian.

Why Both of Dr. Dre’s Lawyers are Being Removed:

But Young and her attorney argued in court papers that King had previously repped Dre and Young throughout their marriage. Wasser was “vicariously disqualified” from repping the rap mogul because she was working with King. This is a second win for Nicole, just recently, all three of Dre’s mistresses ordered to testify.

Young’s lawyer, Samantha Spector, had been trying to disqualify King and Wasser from the case since Young claimed King had acted like she and Dre’s family lawyer since the couple was engaged.

That makes perfect sense, it would show that Dre’s attorneys know too much about Nicole and would use that against her. And obviously, Dre knew that.

Lucky for Nicole and Spector, they’ve been deemed victorious. Spector is another of Tinsletown’s biggest legal names, who often face off against Wasser.

According to a ruling seen by Page Six and filed this week in LA court, the judge ruled that Dre “is instructed to obtain counsel as soon as possible.”

Dre is giving Young temporary spousal support while their blockbuster divorce plays out. The couple has been battling over a prenup since filing for divorce last June.

Nicole, 51, has painted Dre as a control freak who “forced” her to sign the prenup “under extreme duress” on their wedding day. Dre, 56, claims the prenup is legit. They’ve been married for 24 years but called it quits last March 2020.

He is reportedly worth about $800 million.

Reps for Dre did not comment.