Judge Orders Bethany Frankel Stop Wearing Daughter PJs


Judge Orders Bethany Frankel Stop Wearing Daughter PJs

You would think you can post anything you want on Instagram but Real Housewives alumni has learned otherwise since Judge Orders Bethany Frankel Stop Wearing Daughter PJs!

CelebNMusic247.com has this to report on Frankel who is finding out social media can get you in trouble with the law over stupid stuff like posting pics of herself in her daughters clothes.

Here’s the drop:

A Manhattan judge has made it clear to Bethenny Frankel that she does not find her wearing a 4-year-old’s clothing very funny.

Frankel, former “The Real Housewives of New York City” reality star and founder of the SkinnyGirl Cocktail line, came under fire in July when she posted a photo to her Instagram in her daughter’s pajamas.

The caption read: “This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?”

Many said the photo set a bad example by not maintaining a healthy weight, while others said the criticism was too harsh.

The incident came up in Thursday’s proceedings for Frankel’s divorce from businessman Jason Hoppy, according to the New York Post. The conversation took place between Justice Ellen Gesmer and Allan Mayefsky, Frankel’s lawyer.

“No more pajamas!” Gesmer said.

When Mayefsky explained that the post was made as a joke, Gesmer said she wasn’t laughing, as the effect on Frankel’s daughter could be long-lasting.

“It’s not a joke,” she said. “Her child is not a joke.”

The issue in NOT her daughter, it is really the fact that Bethany is ultra thin and her weight seems to be unhealthy to some people. Is Bethany dealing with a eating disorder that she’s yet to admit to?