Jay-Z Makes A Surprise Appearance On IG Live

Jay-Z Makes A Surprise Appearance On IG Live

Jay-Z Makes A Surprise Appearance On IG Live.

The reason why he was on IG Live is because he was with Young Guru and he was going the f-ck off. Read on for more on Jay-Z IG Live appearance…


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#YoungGuru hopped on Instagram Live with @thebullitts while #JayZ was in the room. ???

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CelebNMusic247.com reports that Young Guru was in a conversation with British singer-songwriter Jeymes Samuel, better known as The Bullitts.

Meanwhile, Jay Z was in the room but refused to show his face, his voice was recognizable and he waved at the camera.

The conversation went left as Young Guru and British singer-songwriter Jeymes “The Bullitts” Samuel. started getting loud when Guru expressed concern over The Bullitts’ mental health.

And then it just got weird.

Jay asks in the background, “Who is that?” After Guru tells him it’s “Jeymes,” The Bullitts begs to speak to Hov so he can figure out who stole a black leather bag full of toilet paper.

Hov was a bit stand-off-ish when Bullitts asked about who stole a black leather bag full of aloe vera toilet paper.

Jay Z in disbelief about Guru but he assures Hov he’s “serious.”

Then, Bullitts accused Jay of being the culprit.

He stated:

The reason I’m saying that Jay is because you have an amazing memory so don’t feign a bad memory when I tell you — you stole my leather backpack with my aloe vera toilet paper in it. It was you. Look, here’s the thing. What’d you get the billionaire greatest rapper alive of all time that has everything? Homemade, by his mom, aloe vera toilet paper. It was you, Jay. I went through all the suspects since the Gold Party.

Jay responded by saying:

Let me ask you a question. It is a serious question. Jeymes, have you not wiped your bum since the Gold Party?

We understand why Jay is stand-offish.

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