Is R. Kelly Allegedly Accusing Gayle King Double Crossed Him

R. Kelly Allegedly Accusing Gayle King Double Crossed Him

Is R. Kelly Allegedly Accusing Gayle King Double Crossed Him?

Kellz has certainly lived high off the hog for quite some time, until the R&B singers dark side surfaced and made headlines. Get the tea spill about R. Kelly and Gayle King… reports that things are not getting any easier to be R. Kelly especially since his finances are at near zero, no thanks to Gayle King.

Since R. Kelly was accused of sexual deviance and his highly published interview he did with Gayle King he has been locked up. His legal issues have stacked up and so have the fees.

We are hearing that Gayle King Double Crossed R. Kelly?

According to my sources, R. Kelly has terminated his lawyers for dropping a very big bag. I have not been able to independently verify this. Why would he allegedly drop them though after they have been with him for so very long, presumptively. I have been told that a few things happened.

What we’ve learned is that R. Kelly’s camp and Gayle King’s team had a financial arrangement that meant big bucks for the Pied Piper of R&B. The only thing is, Kelly did not get the money directly for some reason.

AHH sources say that there was an intermediary that was supposed to receive the money. And this supposedly was not his lawyer. Well, as the rumor goes: R. KELLY NEVER GOT THE MONEY! And Kellz is p#####! The man is broke broke…AND IN JAIL STILL.

Kelly, 54, was arrested and incarcerated in Illinois in 2019. He faces charges in three different states, four jurisdictions and has not seen freedom since. He is charged with a rainbow coalition of deviant charges including sexual exploitation, racketeering and filming his sex acts with underaged girls.

So, some people are mad at Gayle King, for actually and allegedly paying this man that has been accused of numerous infractions against young women. But R. Kelly is reportedly mad he didn’t get those ends. I don’t blame him. He made an a$$ of himself in front of the world! He put on a show and the “promotor” took him for his money, allegedly. The one thing I cannot find out is how much he supposedly was supposed to get. I would assume it was for legal defense, but could be for commissary!

The last nugget of the rumor is that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE Gayle King double crossed R. Kelly and found a way not to pay! R. Kelly didn’t get the money! What would make a professional like Gayle King pay “somebody” for monies earmarked for R. Kelly?

Could there be any truth to any of this???

Maybe Kellz should interview with Oprah in prison.