Is Cher Engaged

Is Cher Engaged

Is Cher Engaged???

That’s the burning question this holiday season. Apparently Cher caused a stir online when she posted a photo of an engagement ring — ’cause the rock she’s showing off certainly looks like something you receive when someone wants to marry ya. has this tea spill for you gossip hounds who love some hot tea while dealing with the family over the holidays.

Other peoples drama seems to be the best antidote when it is just too much going on in your life, or not enough right?

Here is what’s being said:

The singer posted a photo Sunday of a massive diamond ring that she says her boyfriend, Alexander A.E. Edwards, gifted her for Christmas — and while it could certainly go on any finger … there’s a lot of speculation this might belong on THAT finger.

Unfortunately, Cher isn’t giving a lot of hints here. All she wrote was, “THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER,A.E.” She then noted those are his hands holding the box.

Of course, the internet is flipping out over the fact Cher may be engaged again. She hasn’t been married since Gregg Allman way back in the mid-to-late ’70s, and obviously Sonny Bono before that. She’s dated a lot of people since then … including some pretty famous men like Gene Simmons, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Richie Sambora, Warren Beatty and others.

None of those relationships ever got to the point of marriage though … and if she is, in fact, set to walk down the aisle with A.E., it’d be pretty stunning — especially since they’ve only been dating for a handful of months now.

Although we know they met in September, they only went public as a couple a month and change ago … so a would-be proposal is clearly moving things along quickly, if that’s what’s actually going on. Then again, this could simply be a regular diamond ring … right?

We’ve reached out to Cher’s camp for clarification … so far no word back.