Idris Elba Trapped Like A Cage Lion

Idris Elba Trapped Like A Cage Lion

Idris Elba Trapped Like A Cage Lion!

According to actor and hunk Idris Elba he’s been grounded and can’t get in the air if he tried. Read on to see why Idris Elba feels trapped… reports since Idris Elba tested positive for the coronavirus over two weeks ago he had been on lock-down and quarantined.

Now, Idris Elba is facing a new problem after being stuck in quarantine for 14 days after testing positive for coronavirus.

Elba says that he’s unable to get a flight home.

The 47-year-old gave an update to his fans via a video post on social media.

He explains:

We’ve passed the quarantine period, but we’re a little bit in limbo — we can’t get a flight back home. So we just have to sit still for a little bit. Other than that, we’re OK and we’re so thankful that I think the worst of it is probably past.

The Luther actor adds:

We’re both good mentally, just trying to stay optimistic. I hope you guys are too, keeping yourselves sane and not getting too worried and too panicked. Take it from me, man, I thought I definitely was gonna see the worst of it, as an asthmatic, but I got through it. And you can too.

He assures that he and his wife remained asymptomatic.

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