Idris Elba Responds Black James Bond Rumors

Idris Elba Responds Black James Bond Rumors

When it comes to the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron star Idris Elba Responds Black James Bond Rumors! has caught wind again when it comes to Idris Elba landing a role as the black James Bond. Idris weighed in on the rumors that have been swirling for quite sometime.


Here is what we are hearing via Meditate:

One of the recently-leaked Sony emails revealed that some of the movie studio’s executives think it would be pretty cool if Idris Elba played James Bond. And, well, it would be.

And the crazy borderline-racist ramblings of Rush Limbaugh aside, people would be generally on board. But what about Elba himself? Well, he finally reacted on Twitter.

Do you think Idris Elba should be the next James Bond??

He raised eyebrows with the prosthetic penis in his pants over the summer while wearing a Bond style suit, so we all know he fits a suit well.

If you remember, Idris Elba. 41, recently pulled a Jon Hamm on the set of his upcoming movie “A Hundred Streets” when a paparazzi picture spotted his oversized crotch.

And although the 41-year-old actor quickly clarified that his large front side was actually a mic wire, Elba was still shocked by the immediate reaction he got from fans and strangers alike.


Elba told E!:

“It happened over night. It was huge…It was on the news. That’s bizarre to me.”