Eazy-E Daughter: Ice Cube ‘Ducking + Dodging’ Her Eazy-E Documentary

Eazy-E Daughter: Ice Cube 'Ducking + Dodging' Her Eazy-E Documentary

Eazy-E Daughter: Ice Cube ‘Ducking + Dodging’ Her Eazy-E Documentary!

Wow, former NWA member Ice Cube seems to be ditching Eazy-E’s daughter over a new documentary.

Eazy-E’s daughter Ebie Wright claimed “so many” people have offered their time and words for her documentary on her father. But the one man closest to Eazy-E has been ducking and dodging Ebie. Read on to her why Ebbie is saying Ice Cube is dodging her Eazy- E Documentary…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Eazy-E’s daughter Ebie Wright has outright put Ice Cube on blast for ‘Ducking + Dodging’ Her Eazy-E Documentary.

Ebie Wright had this to say about Ice Cube ducking her Eazy-E documentary “A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies” to Too Fab:

The only thing I will say honestly, is probably the only person that actually matters to this story that I’m telling, who hasn’t talked on it so far — I’m just being completely honest — is Ice Cube.

Ice Cube is the most important person to speak about his time with Eazy, he is key to her documentary and she is heartbroken over Cube’s absence because of her close relationship with his sons.

At first, Cube was willing to participate but then he started “ducking and dodging” her when it came time to schedule his appearance.

Why Ice Cube Confirmed then No-Showed:

She goes on to say:

[His oldest son] actually told me that Ice Cube was willing, he was gonna do whatever for me, and he was down. Since then, when we tried to book him to do the interview, he’s been ducking and dodging.

She expressed confusion in Cube’s refusal to appear in her documentary considering he’s spoken extensively on Eazy-E and his time as an NWA member in countless media appearances.

What Ebbie’s Eazy-E Documentary is About:

Ebbie explains that her documentary dives into Eazy-E’s life and death more than the NWA biopic did.

Maybe that is the problem, because many will reference Straight Outta Compton, and then question the movie and why so much is missing from it!

Eazy’s daughter added:

There’s never been anything like this…You’re never gonna get anything like this probably ever again. And even in Straight Outta Compton, it didn’t talk a lot about my father. It didn’t delve into his life. That was about NWA as a collective and the brotherhood, and it definitely didn’t focus on my father’s death and that’s what this documentary is.

In the trailer for Ebie’s documentary, A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies, she revisits the conspiracy theory that Eazy-E was murdered instead of dying from complications with AIDS.

We are looking forward to this and we hope Cube says yes, but after the negative press, she will NEED to do a lot of apologizing to get him on board.

You never know how the politics in the industry work and who may be telling him he can’t speak on Eazy.


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