Hamish Anderson Talks New Album Sound + Influence

Hamish Anderson Talks New Album Sound + Influence

Hamish Anderson new album is a blend of rock with acoustic sounds.  The entertaining and enjoyable Australian blues-rock guitarist/songwriter/singer shared more with us at BottleRock 2018 about his influences, career, and the future album.

Continue on to get part two of our interview with the lyrical and soulful Hamish Anderson who gave a stellar performance at the festival…

Hamish Anderson SLAYED at BottleRock 2018

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CelebNMusic247.com’s Gigi and Hamish Anderson chopped it up about his music and the future album. He already has released his Trouble album and multiple EPs.

After Hamish Anderson stepped off the stage he sat down with Gigi to about his future plans and upcoming album set to drop in the coming months. She asked “what might be different from Trouble which you played today? What can fans expect?

Anderson who was named one of 2016’s top 10 Best New Artists at Yahoo! Music said:

I worked with the same producer Jim Scott, “produced for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and more.”

The talented and edgy “Trouble” artist added:

We have a great way of working with similar styles. We did 10 songs in 10 days. We just knocked it out. It’s a mixture of half it very rock and roll, fuzzy straight-ahead kind of rock stuff and the last half is almost acoustic Beatles, Beach Boys kind of love songs.

Hamish went on to tell us he likes artists like Tom Petty and Neil Young who do amazing stuff electric and acoustic side, which he feels the record shows that.

When asked “Did you ever get to play or work with Tom Petty before his passing?”

Anderson, who was the last person to open for BB King before he died, replied:

I did not, but last year I got to play a couple of festivals, Mountain Jam and Ottawa Blues Fest that he was headlining. That was the first time I actually got to see him live. I was just so thankful to see him before he passed.

Hamish told us Tom Petty was one of his main influences. He went on to share how he writes from personal experiences and uses something he is going through like his “Trouble” album.

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The lyrical and soulful Aussie blues rockstar goes on to reveals how his father was one of his biggest influences inspiring him musically. He grew up listening to his Dad’s Vinyl collection.

Hamish explains:

My Dad’s record collection was all Cream, The Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin and that’s still the stuff to this day that I love the most. He is not a musician, but a music lover. He introduced me to John Lee Hooker BB King Albert King and that is the main music I love.

Gigi asked the blues-inspired performer “who would listen to if he was having a bad day.”

He replied:

I think Elmo James a lot of the time. The first experience I had with the blues was “The Sky is Crying”. I had just broken up with my first girlfriend and it was like every lyric just rang true so that has a special part in my heart.

The artist who is always trying to get ideas usually writes most of his works when on break. Hamish Anderson enjoys intimate clubs as well as bit festivals.

When asked, “Do you have something special you want to see the fans do?”

Hamish revealed:

It’s always nice when there is dancing. When you look out it’s nice to see people know the songs and are singing them back. That is like the ultimate reward. You take something you made out of thin air and people know it. That’s always the best you can see someone who knows the song and can sing it back to you. That is the most rewarding.

After his festival run, Hamish and his band will go back to LA to record. You can expect a single dropping around the start of July, with a few more singles after that. Watch for the album to drop in early 2019.

Hamish has a favorite song to sing currently which is “Breaking Down” that he finished his set with. He told us it is a straight-ahead rocker like the Who or Tom Petty and he looks forward to playing it.

Be sure to look for Hamish Anderson’s new singles and album as they drop. We at CelebNMusic247.com look forward to bringing you more on the talented young artist who plays music that touches your heart and soul.

The half Italian singer will be watching to see you dance and sing to his songs. Read more on Hamish Anderson please CLICK HERE…

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