Goodbye LA Live Hello Microsoft Square

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Goodbye LA Live Hello Microsoft Square!!!

Once again Los Angeles get another facelift as we say Goodbye LA Live Hello Microsoft Square since they’re sponsoring downtown L.A. Live area. has gotten word that the new Microsoft Live Plaza will be renovating the Nokia Theatre and the L.A. Live complex, has been rechristened as the Microsoft Theater.

L.A. LIVE’s 40,000 square foot outdoor plaza is now the Microsoft Square. Club Nokia will also be re-branded.

We hope BET changes their commercials for the upcoming BET Awards Live from Microsoft Square. We know it doesn’t roll off your tongue like Nokia did, but LA will have to get used to saying Microsoft Square.

Here’s the scoop:


Go ahead, make jokes about the upcoming AOL Dial-Up 20 Free Hours Trial Disc Theatre. But the rebrand will be a notable change for the 7,100-seat venue, which, though unloved, has been part of the revitalization of regular major live music in downtown Los Angeles.

Since the theater opened in 2007, more than 3.5 million fans have attended over 700 events at the venue. The first concert under the new era will be a set from the Indian composer A.R. Rahman on Wednesday

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