Giuliana Rancic Diva Demands Drove Kelly & Kathy Away


Giuliana Rancic Diva Demands Drove Kelly & Kathy Away!?!

Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic Diva Demands Drove Kelly & Kathy Away and now E!’s ‘Fashion Police’ has become a fast sinking ship. has this report via an insider who spilled some hot tea that “Giuliana’s entourage of a stylist, make-up artist, and assistant, plus her constant need for attention, were absolutely stunning to Kathy.

Rumor has it, that Giuliana is trying to become as famous as the people she interviews. Apparently Giuliana even has the same stylist as the Kardashian and Jenner sisters!

Check out Giuliana and her glam squad:



Here is what we are hearing via InTouch:

Tapings of Fashion Police were awful because Giuliana constantly needed to have her make-up re-touched,” shared the source.

It was clearly too much for the red-headed comedian to handle. “Her face was always in front of a mirror, Kathy wanted to turn it into a skit for her comedy act!”

Apparently, the mother-of-one was always fishing for compliments and “if she wasn’t being validated, there were tears.”

An E! spokesperson for Giuliana, however, tells ‘In Touch’ the report “is completely untrue.”