Gillie Da Kid AIRS Joe Budden + Rory’s Personal Biz

Gillie Da Kid AIRS Joe Budden + Rory's Personal Biz

Gillie Da Kid AIRS Joe Budden + Rory’s Personal Biz !

Philly native Gillie Da Kid who comes from the streets and still is the streets serves up a cold plate of reality for Budden and Rory for fasley speaking about sh-t during a recent podcast. Read on to see how Gillie Da Kid GOES OFF on Joe Budden & Rory for fasley speaking about his podcast… reports that Gillie Da Kid points out that he “RUNS THE CULTURE” because they still from the bottom, “THE STREETS!”

Gillie Da Kid, 36,  goes OFF on Joe Budden and Rory for speaking on things that they should keep out they mouth.

In a recent InstaLive session, RIPS Joe and Rory for speaking on the CULTURE, but the Major Figgas rapper lets them have it because he feels that since they made it, “they don’t get real street n—as.”

Gillie Da Kid calls talks about Ransom slapping Joe’s uncle in the face but Budden did nothing about it. He also went off on Rory” calling him “a coattail ass riddin @ss n—a!”

See, Gillie comes from the hustle days of hip hop, he’s NOT hurting for money and he doesn’t appreciate Joe speaking on things he knows nothing about. He also feels it is NOT Budden’s place to speak on it.

During We The Culture, Joe + Rory details Gillie Da Kid’s podcast history and his dealings with Dev, below:

This is the podcast that pissed Gillie off.

He is not one to play with since he is a street dude and he is NOT one to play with.

Rory even admits that he did not know what he is talking about, and that is why Gillie called him a coattail rider. Gillie asks Rory to “learn how to suck a d-ck right!”

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