George Kotsiopoulos SHADES Giuliana Rancic

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George Kotsiopoulos SHADES Giuliana Rancic!?!

It appears that Kelly Osbourne isn’t the only one disappointed with Guilianna, now her former Fashion Police Co-Host George Kotsiopoulos SHADES Giuliana Rancic.

Talk about a Not-So-Subtly SHADING! has just caught wind that former Fashion Police co-host George Kotsiopoulos is also taking a stand against her controversial comments about Zendaya, which were made over six weeks ago!

Despite Guilianna’s recently apologized, she also implied that the “joke” was taken out of context because of some bad editing.

Mmm, right gurl, Anyways!

Her comments have obviously been festering with her former Fashion Police co-host George, who has finally spoke out, saying:

“To not own up to what you said and to blame it on others is just a little messed up.”

He adds:

“I was never scripted. What I said were my own words, was my own opinion.”

Ohh, there’s the SHADE! So why is Giuliana blaming editing? Was she claiming that she is a scripted host and doesn’t have her own opinion?

Do you think Fashion Police will be able to bounce back now that Joan Rivers is gone? There is only one Joan and it is being proven more and more each day we are without the legendary comedian whose brand is untouchable. The mold was broken after Joan and Guilianna appears to be a talentless hack when she tries to be funny like Joan. She doesn’t have the witt, charm or class to pull any of Joan’s style of comedy or fashion critiques off.

Maybe she should take a bow and bow out for the better of the show. What are your thoughts?

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