George Dalton Rocks G Money Jacket

George Dalton G-Money-0721-1

George Dalton Rocks G Money Jacket!!!

Don’t you love the G Money jacket? I think it’s perfect for that modern 1950’s feel, because George Dalton Rocks G Money Jacket.

The talented designer Jonathan Logan created this statement jacket!

George previewed his music video with the amazing Jordyn Jones to kick off the night at Dave and Busters!

Download trap queen now and get ready to watch the video and stay tuned for George Dalton in Wet Hot American Summer!

This young one has a lot going on! Stay tuned!

Fashionably Yours,


Checkout George Dalton singing Fetty Wap’s hit song “Trap Queen” below:


We understand that the industry loves to have a white person singing hip hop and R&B tracks but having a young boy singing about the trap is not sitting right with us.

Does George Dalton even have a clue what living in the trap means?

We guess he’s well aware that he’s singing about slangin and cooking up dope in the Trap? Maybe not since he’s trying to woe a young girl in what looks like Orange County – you know some where far far away from the trap.

Despite the video – it’s about the dope G Money jacket. It’s hot!

What do you think?