WTH Twitter? Tory Lanez FreeStyle Says “He Shoots Chicks” Really

WTH GatMat187? Tory Lanez FreeStyle Says "He Shoots Chicks" Really

WTH Twitter? Tory Lanez FreeStyle Says “He Shoots Chicks in the pool” Really?

“Why you gotz to LIE Craig [Twitter]?”

I hate to agree with Trump, but he blames Twitter all the time for nonsense like this.  Who the f–k was click baitin’ so bad that they put up some dumb shit on social media about Tory Lanez like this!

Either you are so stupid and you shouldn’t be writing about this subject or you’re so misinformed and you should NOT be talking about this subject matter. There has to be some type of professionalism when writing about music and entertainment.

And what is worse? The simple fact that whoever decided to post this on Twitter is TOO F’N stupid on this subject matter, so just stick to Nicki Minaj is pregnant.

Let’s check our #HIPHOP #FACTS this freestyle was on Funkmaster Flex of Hot97, who is one of the top 5 radio DJs in U.S. Flex has been in the top 10 for the past 30 years, so this was a big deal back in 2017. – The Tory Lanez freestyle was back on November 29, 2017. Read on to LEARN your hip hop history and the FACTS about the Funkmaster Flex Tory Lanez Freestyle…

CelebNMusic247 reports Tory Lanez was rapping about “popping chick in the pool” which means have sex with women in the pool – NOT shooting them.

Just because Megan Thee Stallion is going around saying that she got shot in both of her feet and “it was the most horrible experience ever,” doesn’t mean that Tory Lanes shoots women.

Once again some fool on Twitter took a freestyle from 3 years ago and completely took it out of context.

PPl if you are going to use ebonics learn the F’n terms first – This ain’t no P-Valley on Starz!

This is NOT a funny situation because someone (Megan) was hurt.

We don’t NEED a prosecutor to believe something that IS NOT TRUE! We also don’t want music lovers who don’t know hip hop or Tory Lanez to believe this crap!

NOT only that, but we also don’t need sites like MTO continually posting news that dummies down black culture.

Here is the FULL Tory Lanez Freestyle from 2017:

Twitter IS NOT your friend.

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