French Montana Accused Of Sexual Assault

French Montana Accused Of Sexual Assault

French Montana Accused Of Sexual Assault!

Last year rapper French Montana was accused of raping a woman at his Hollywood Hills home. He’s currently under investigation by the Los Angeles district attorney.


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Now, another woman has come forward, and has learned that she too is accusing French Montana of sexual assault.

The woman posted a video on Youtube claiming an artist named Belly invited her out to dinner and told her she could bring her friends.

Then, the woman says French Montana, who she’s never met, showed up at the restaurant. French was apparently high and later followed her to the bathroom and tried to force himself on her.

The woman claims that she was able to fight him off, but feels it is her duty to protect other women by sharing her story.

Here is where it gets weird because she wants to let women know but she didn’t want to do the video. But she did do the video. NOTE, she claims she is NOT doing this for CLOUT nor is she suing him. Although, she provides video evidence from that night and direct messages.

Please note that she filmed a video on YouTube but said over and over “she didn’t want to film the video,” and it’s not a big deal.

But now, the woman, Sarah Kamilla, feels that French Montana NEEDS to be held accountable since he already has a rape charge.”

She claims she doesn’t want to be a part of this, but she’s decided to come forward in a roundabout way implicating that French Montana sexually assaulted her as well.

Sarah says she is not doing this for CLOUT, she is just repeating what happened that night despite the fact that she is a stripper. She goes on to say this did