Freddie Gibbs Claims Jeezy is “Musically Irrelevant”

Freddie Gibbs Claims Jeezy is “Musically Irrelevant”!

Gary, Indiana native and rapper Freddie Gibbs claims that he has always looked up to Young Jeezy because he is a legend, but these days he is “musically irrelevant.” Read on for more on Freddie Gibbs saying Jeezy is “musically irrelevant.” reports that Gibbs was brutally honest about Jeezy’s latest album but states he hasn’t like the past three (Twenty/20 Pyrex Vision, TM104, and Pressure).

See, rapper Freddie Gibbs decided to weigh in on ATL rapper Jeezy claiming that The Snowman is “musically irrelevant.”

Gibbs told Bootleg Kev:

I look up to Young Jeezy. 

Freddie explains.

Come on bro, in 2010 I could have fucked with any rapper. Yo Gotti, Rick Ross. Anybody. I looked up to all those n*ggas, but I really looked up to Young Jeezy. So that said, all the music I made after that, is to prove n*ggas wrong. To prove I was where I was supposed to be. Every day, every time I go in the booth, every project I make, I’m trying to prove somebody wrong.

Gibbs went on to tell Bootleg Kev.:

I take the adversity and use it as f-ckin’ fuel.

He continued:

The fact I can do that puts me above a lot of n—as. I wasn’t supposed to make it, in 2006 Interscope dropped me. […] Jeezy is musically irrelevant,”

He added:

Let’s be real, dawg. Did you listen to his last album, no you fuckin’ didn’t? He’s a legend, but right now, you’re irrelevant — I love you, but what you want to fight? You can’t fight me, out rap me. Any n—a that can’t out rap me or beat me up, I don’t give a f-ck about.


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