Former Buckwild Star Anna Davis Arrested for DUI


(CelebNMusic247-News) Former Buckwild Star Anna Davis Arrested for DUI

MTV‘s hopeful replacement for The Jersey Shore, Buckwild caused massive controversy with its alcoholic cast, crazy antics and more.

The show was taken off the air over a year ago, after MTV decided to cancel the show in the wake of Shain Gandee’s death. The cast were in the middle of filming season two, Salwa Amin and “Bluefoot” were both in jail and Shain had recently passed, and so producers decided to stop filming rather than continue without its most popular stars.

However, the remaining stars of Buckwild are still in the headlines. Salwa has been doing really well in her rehabilitation, and she is recovering from her opiate addiction. Although, other cast members still seem to have issues controlling their substance intake.

This time, it’s cast member Anna Davis who has been arrested for DUI (something nearly the entire cast has been arrested for previously).

Stop us if this one sounds familiar — one of the people from the ex-MTV show “Buckwild” was arrested this morning in West Virginia … this time for a DUI. Anna Davis — who the show described as a “true wild child” — was busted early Saturday morning for aggravated DUI.

It’s unclear at this point why the DUI charges were elevated since a whole slew of things could have caused it … but the same thing happened to her co-star Bluefoot earlier this year when he had a BAC higher than .15. Anna was released hours later on a $1k pr bond — meaning she didn’t have to pay … just promise to show up in court. – via TMZ.

Previously, Salwa Amin was arrested for disorderly conduct and drug offenses. Tyler Boulet was arrested for underage drinking. Michael “Bluefoot” Douglas was arrested for DUI. Joey Mulcahy was arrested for DUI. And the late Shain Gandee had also been arrested for DUI.